We are keen to ensure that all users of this platform are genuine buyers or sellers. All users are encouraged to do a thourough due-diligence before entering into a transaction. If in doubt, we recomend that you use our M-pesa Escrow App.
Currently we only have M-pesa option.
This is a mobile app which can be downloaded here for free. We encourage both Buyers and Sellers to use this great app for secure transactions. This is how it works:

1. A buyer identifies an item or service he/she desires.
2. Buyer engages seller on phone or by writing to him/her.
3. Once both buyer and seller are in agreement, buyer initiates a transaction by sending the agreed amount to the M-pesa escrow account.
4. The seller is automatically contacted and informed of the payment, thus authorizing him/her to send the goods or provide the agreed service.
5. Once the buyer receives the goods or service, he/she authorizes release of the funds from the M-pesa escrow to the seller's M-pesa account.

All are happy. Disputes are arbitrated by the M-pesa Escrow admin and the verdict is dictated by documented or recorded audio evidences.
1. Use our M-pesa Escrow App for secure transactions.
2. Avoid deals that are too good to be true.
3. Deal with people in your area by meeting face to face to see the item.
4. Never provide your personal or banking information.

Pay safely with m-pesa escrow

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